Rolex Models-Rolex Bubbleback

Throughout the years, Rolex has released numerous models of their famous timepieces. One of the earliest models was the Bubbleback. The creation of the Bubbleback made an impact in the history of watchmaking due to the introduction of the very first Auto-Rotor, which brought forth Rolex’s accomplishment of developing a self-winding movement. To this day,

Rolex in the Media-Going Underwater

Watches that can withstand water are a common sight these days, but there was once a time when such a timepiece seemed impossible. Even though Rolex had already created its first waterproof watch in the late 1920’s, the watchmaking company continued to pursue the daring and innovative idea of the “Diver’s Watch,” a watch that

Rolex in the Media-The Murder Mystery

Rolex has always been associated with precise and reliable timepieces and has earned the reputation of being perhaps the best wristwatch available on the market. However, the well-regarded company has been associated with famous events that have made their way into the never-ending pages of history. Among these events is the infamous and nerve-wracking murder

The $128,000 Rolex

There are many who believe that a Rolex watch played an important role in the escape of British prisoners of war from a German prisoner of war camp called Stalag Luft III during World War II. In 2007, this particular watch sold at auction for sixty-six thousand British pounds, which worked out to just over

Rolex in World War II

Many people aren’t aware that Hans Wilsdorf was a firm supporter of the Allied Forces during the Second World War. He believed Hitler shouldn’t and couldn’t win, and he enacted certain policies to ensure British troops understood his support. On example was his policy enacted to help British soldiers protect their investments in Rolex watches.

Rolex for the Sportsmen

Rolex is often seen on the wrists of prominent business men on a day to day basis, but the extravagant timepieces of the famous watchmaking company aren’t restricted to only business wear. Rolex has a watch for everybody, including sportsmen everywhere. Rolex has been worn by golfers for 40 years and has been worn by

Rolex in the Media-Mercedes Gleitze

On October 7, 1927, English typist Mercedes Gleitze swam across the ice cold waters of the English Channel. However, the disbelief of cynics and naysayers drove her to prove them wrong as she attempted to swim across the English Channel a second time on October 21 in the same year. Wilsdorf, fascinated by her determination,

Rolex in the Media-Mount Everest

The year 1953 marked the first attempt by humans to climb to the peak of famed Mount Everest, a challenge mankind had always dreamed of taking on. Sir John Hunt led the British Himalayas Expedition Team in the daring journey to reach the top of the tallest peak in the world. However, despite the number

The History of Rolex

The most widely recognized timepiece observed today is the magnificent Rolex watch, which not only looks stunning but is also incredibly accurate. But while Rolex watches may be well known, the history behind them is nearly enigmatic. What brilliant mind created such a masterpiece? When did Rolex first surface in the pages of history? In


Why We Have Created a Rolex Tutorial Rolex and luxury are synonymous. For years, discriminating men and woman have considered a fine watch an indulgence worth the expense, and without question Rolex is the name that first springs to mind when considering fine watches. Although there can be a substantial investment involved in procuring a