A Rolex represents an investment in precision timing and beauty. The elegance of this fine timepiece as well as its ongoing reliability demands care is taken to keep the watch functioning perfectly and looking beautiful. Fortunately, maintenance of a Rolex watch is not difficult at all. In fact, simply using the watch keeps the internal
Designed for those who enjoy spending time in the water, the Rolex Submariner and the Rolex Sea Dweller are two exceptional timepieces that are most suited to aquatic activities. However, despite this common trait between the two wristwatches, there are differences between them that consumers should keep in mind. The Rolex Submariner was designed primarily
The Rolex Explorer II and the Rolex GMT-Master II are both extraordinary timepieces that represent innovation and excellence. Designed for a specific purpose, these wristwatches have achieved immense popularity not only from the intended consumers, but from other buyers and collectors as well. Launched in 1971, the Rolex Explorer II was intended for those whose
Yet another great generational comparison is between the Rolex Explorer and the Rolex Explorer II, both of which have been specifically designed for adventurers and their bold and daring endeavors. Both these timepieces were popular upon their release to the markets and their popularity only continues to increase as time goes by. In fact, both
To compare the Rolex GMT-Master against the Rolex GMT-Master II would be the equivalent of comparing the older generation to the younger generation: both have their pros and cons against each other. The GMT-Master, which had been created due to a request by Pan American Airlines, paved the way for the true potential and innovation
Designed as professional timepieces, both the Rolex GMT-Master and the Rolex Submariner have been favored on the markets, each lauded for their functionality and durability. However, one works in places where the other will not, so it’s important for consumers to know which watch is the best buy for their individual hobbies or careers. Introduced
Two of the most popular Rolex models are the Rolex Perpetual Datejust and the Rolex Day Date President. Both are stunning timepieces, perfectly suited to any business and formal occasion. They are high quality watches with absolute accuracy and functionality. So how do consumers buy the one that is more suited to their individual needs

Rolex Models-Rolex Turn-O-Graph

Launched in 1953 and discontinued in 1960, the Rolex Turn-O-Graph had a fairly short period of time in which it was available on the markets. This wasn’t due to any technical problems, however; it had merely been overshadowed by the immense success of the Rolex Submariner and other similar models. When the Turn-O-Graph was initially

Rolex Models-Rolex Yacht-Master II

The Rolex Yacht-Master II is considered the leader in the advancement of modern timepieces. Featuring a programmable countdown feature with a mechanical memory, this watch is admired for its ability to be accurately synchronized for regatta countdowns due an interaction between the bezel and the movement. Because of this feature, the Rolex Yacht Master II

Rolex Models-Rolex Yacht-Master

Rolex has always been a highly revered name in the watchmaking industry and has constantly produced timepieces that are popular in one way or another–even models that were unpopular upon release, such as the Oysterquartz and the Turn-O-Graph, have been sought after by vintage timepiece collectors. The highly admired Rolex Yacht-Master is no exception to