Rolex: The Standard of Excellence

This tutorial has presented information about the finest timepiece in the world today, the Rolex watch. For nearly a century, this brand has represented the pinnacle of luxury, quality, and timekeeping innovation. From its legendary origins to its startling research and development in quality craftsmanship, Rolex remains the most important name in fine timepieces today.

The Rolex Jeweled Bezel

Perhaps nothing indicates the luxurious and beautiful nature of a Rolex more clearly than a jeweled bezel (the round outer ring that attaches the protective crystal to the face of the watch.) Available for gold and platinum watches alone, the jeweled bezel presents a dazzling spectacle of opulence that truly displays the Rolex as the

The Importance of the Bezel

Though the bezel (the round outer ring that attaches the protective crystal to the face of the watch) can certainly provide a high class stylistic look to a Rolex, it actually serves an important role in keeping the watch pressurized. In certain sports models it also helps to facilitate the measurement of time and elapsed

Counterfeit Rolex Timepieces

Because of their superb timepieces and excellent service, Rolex has become one of the most popular brands in the watchmaking industry. Their fame and fortune has won them many competitors and an obstacle that affected companies worldwide: counterfeiting. Forgery and counterfeiting are crimes that affect money, jewelry, art, and many other products and services. Each

The President Bracelet

Shortly after their release of the Jubilee Bracelet, Rolex followed it up with another major hit. It was a new and powerful presence that became the “power tie” of the watchband world. It was the type of band that that could stand out without causing a seen or drawing unwarranted attention and they called it

The Jubilee Bracelet

Although the Rolex is known for making classic watches, that doesn’t mean they aren’t constantly innovating for the next new style and during one of those many innovations they struck on an all-time favorite look to snuggle against your wrist. Introduced back in 1945, Rolex pushed out, hot off its presses, one of its immediate

The Rolex Oyster Bracelet

Despite the fact that many Rolex’s are available with leather bands, the allure of a classic metal band is one that many collectors and first time buyers cherish alike. There are hundreds even thousands of different types of Rolex watches to hang from your wrist, but the majority of them all boil down to three
Counterfeit Rolex watches are purchased by consumers every day, causing them to needlessly spend money and causing Rolex to lose profits. However, with the proper research, buyers can learn the differences between an authentic Rolex and an ersatz one. One of the key differences between a fake and a genuine Rolex can be observed with

Ways to Spot a Counterfeit Rolex Part One

The counterfeit industry has taken away money and customers from Rolex, therefore raising concerns as the amount of damage simple imitation watches can cause. Though low quality fake timepieces are easy to perceive, higher quality fakes can trick even those who are trained in spotting dissimilarities between fake and real wristwatches. However, there are differences
Although Rolex watches are made to be superior in their resistance to scratching and dulling, they will occasionally display minor scratches on the bracelet but you needn’t believe that can’t be fixed. Keep in mind that you should only polish those links within the bracelet that have a polished surface, such as the center links