The Tiffany & Co. Metro Collection

For more than one-hundred and seventy-five years, Tiffany & Co. has set the standard for jewelry worldwide. Their rejection of overly ostentatious and self-important designs common in the 1850s led instead to a uniquely American style of jewelry focusing on natural forms and appreciation for the beauty of the materials at hand. Tiffany style has

The Tiffany Victoria Collection

One of the remarkable things about Tiffany & Co. is how the company is able to take a single design theme and somehow, while remaining true to that theme, create a great variety of jewelry items that are varied despite their common elements. Such is the case with the elegant and, frankly, stunning Tiffany Victoria

The Tiffany Soleste Collection

Tiffany & Co. has long been lauded for their belief in the natural form and the beauty of natural materials. In fact, their designs provided a wonderful alternative to the overly ostentatious kinds of designs so common when they were founded. Don’t think for a moment their commitment to elegance and style means they can’t

The Tiffany Keys Collection

Can you imagine how amazing it must feel to browse through the history of a company like Tiffany & Co.? We don’t mean browsing the internet or through a book. We mean looking through old items, old catalogues, old jewelry, and such. Believe it or not, that’s exactly how the Tiffany & Co. Keys Collection