In recent years there has been an increase in the number of companies appearing online that will buy gold from you and give you cash in return. This is something that has certainly grown in popularity thanks to two things. First, the price of gold has gone up by a considerable percentage in the last

Would You Wear It Today?

When you are ready to sell the jewelry that has been hidden away in an old jewelry box in the closet keep this in mind, you most likely are not going to be offered anything close to what it cost when you first purchased it. What are you offered? How do you get the best

Selling Your Gold at the Right Time

You’ve probably heard or read a whole lot about who you should sell your gold to and why, but one crucial detail has yet to be mentioned—the detail of when you should sell your gold. When would be the most opportune moment for you to make more money? The gold market, like many other markets,

The Tiffany & Co. 1837 Collection

When Charles Louis Tiffany convinced his father to provide a loan so he and his partner could open their “stationery and fancy goods” store in New York, he probably had no idea the legacy he was helping to create. Sure, he likely had confidence in his son but how could he have known the kind