The Tiffany Enchant Collection

Tiffany & Co. has long based its jewelry on natural form and on an unwavering respect for the beauty of the materials themselves. From the outset, they rejected the overly ornate and unnatural designs common for jewelry in the 1800s and created a thoroughly American approach more concerned with the final product and how it

The Tiffany T Collection

British-born Francesca Amfitheatrof became the first female director of design for Tiffany & Co. in 2013. Prior to that, she’d designed jewelry for such fashion giants as Gucci, Chanel, Fendi, and others. Her first major release was the wildly triumphant Tiffany T. Collection. She said the design was created because, “I wanted to create a

The Tiffany & Co. Atlas Collection

Did you know the Atlantic Ocean was named after Atlas, the titan from Greek Mythology? The famed lost city of Atlantis was as well. Atlas was a powerful being who held the Earth on his shoulders, and according to Tiffany & Co., that was why the named their incredible Atlas Watch, released in 1983 and
There’s no question at all that Tiffany & Co. makes the best jewelry on Earth. Their brooches are lovely and have been since they introduced them. A life-sized flower made of gold and silk—who could ask for better than that? Their necklaces and pendants are exquisite. Their bracelets add a luxurious appeal to any outfit,
There’s no question at all that Tiffany & Co. makes the most beautiful jewelry in the world. Their engagement rings are legendary, and with world class designs from such fashion geniuses as Elsa Peretti, Jean Schlumberger and Paloma Picasso, their jewelry goes well beyond rings. If you’re looking for Tiffany & Co. jewelry, you may

Tiffany & Co. and Patek Philippe

Almost all Tiffany & Co. watches are based on quartz movement but did you know they have a relationship with one of the most respected of all mechanical movement timepiece manufacturers in the world? The relationship began in 1951. Antoine Norbert de Patek wanted to establish relationships with the finest retailers he could find and

Tiffany & Co. and Jean Schlumberger

The “Bird on a Rock” is the famous design created to show off the remarkable Tiffany Diamond. The enormous 122 carat diamond is topped by a whimsical bird made of gems and precious metals. The mounting was designed by Jean Schlumberger, who designed for Tiffany & Co. for more than twenty years. His designs were

Tiffany & Co. and Elsa Peretti

If you’ve ever admired a Tiffany & Co. teardrop necklace, you’ve admired the work of famed jewelry designer Elsa Peretti. She’s known for her very simple and elegant forms that are somehow transformed in their simplicity into something much more profound. Her understated style has found fans among the very famous, and it’s no surprise

Tiffany & Co and Paloma Picasso

Paloma Picasso is the daughter of master painter Pablo Picasso but that just might be the least interesting thing about her! From an early age she showed an appreciation for design, specifically for jewelry design. At the age of nineteen, she worked as a costume designer and necklaces she made from rhinestones purchased at flea

Tiffany & Co. Women’s Watches

Is it any surprise that Tiffany & Co. has a line of women’s watches? They already make the most elegant and beautiful jewelry any woman could wear on her ring finger, and the wrist is just a few inches away! In a variety of materials from rose gold to stainless steel, a Tiffany watch is